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Quick Shot Monday

Nov 5, 2012, 7:58 PM EDT

Though it began as a locker room tradition, Trick Shot Monday has also made appearances in other locations around the Gug – the auditorium, the players’ lounge, even Coach Kelly’s office.

If you saw the College GameDay segment, you might recall Kapron Lewis-Moore and Mike Golic Jr. talking about the “zero hour” – that time when the prospect of actually making a shot without missing dinner seems slim.

Twice during the 2011 season, TSM shifted to the lounge, and on each of those occasions, it took some late-game heroics – first by Matthias Farley and later by Matt Mulvey – to prevent the crew from going hungry.

In fact, during BC week, the video didn’t get posted until Tuesday (Read more about that in a post from the blog archives).

So needless to say, everyone was a little hesitant this evening when last week’s winner, John Goodman, decided not only to bring back the players’ lounge, but also to throw in a curveball – no headers allowed.

As of late, the header had become a go-to shot. I think it was getting to the point that Bobby Clark was trying to recruit some of the guys for his team.

Despite today’s added challenges, Cierre Wood came through with undoubtedly the quickest Trick Shot Monday win on record*.

* For some perspective, a couple of last year’s Trick Shot Mondays took 30 minutes or more before a shot was made. Today’s took less than three. Seasoned vets.

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