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@125NDFB Moves To @NDFootball

Don’t be alarmed, Football still has its Twitter account.

Some of you may have noticed today that the official twitter account of Notre Dame Football had switched its handle to @NDFootball. Why the change? Glad you asked.

We made the switch for several reasons…

  • As the Twitter handle indicates, @125NDFB stands for 125 years of Notre Dame Football. But when the regular season ended, we would be moving into the 126th year…so the handle would no longer be accurate.
  • All sports at Notre Dame follow the format of @NDSportName. As football is one of our 26 sports, we wanted them to be in line with the rest of their #NDFamily.
  • We had always wanted @NDFootball, but it had been taken, though not used for four years. We asked Twitter if we could have it, and they obliged.
  • No matter what happens, no matter what year, we will always be NDFootball, and it was time for us to reclaim our name in the Twitterverse.

There are 31 days until the National Championship game. We hope that this will be enough time to inform the public of the name change, and bring in new followers who are interested in our program, but wouldn’t think to look for the @125NDFB handle.

We encourage you to inform friends. Note that if you were following @125NDFB you don’t have to do anything – you were merged over in the handle switch. And in all things, we encourage you to follow our official accounts and disregard any accounts that are impersonating the team. Until Twitter can verify us (it is currently their policy not to verify sports organizations) we need everyone to understand that @NDFootball is the only legitimate Twitter account of the Notre Dame football team.

We appreciate your support of our account, and we look forward to taking with us on our journey to Miami and the national championship. #GoIrish

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