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Irish Blogger Gathering – Offseason Edition (Her Loyal Sons)

Jun 26, 2013, 8:00 AM EDT

During the football season (and today’s offseason edition), a group of five Notre Dame bloggers join forces to ask one another questions and see who can come up with the best and most clever responses. The group of five includes Her Loyal Sons, Inside the Irish, Subway Domer, ND Nation and NDSportsBlogger (the guy writing this).

This offseason has not gone by without story lines dealing with the Fighting Irish football squad, so Subway Domer decided we should have an offseason edition of the Irish Blogger Gathering.

Here are the links to the other ‘gatherings’ that took place around the interweb:
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For this edition I had the opportunity to ask the guys at ‘Her Loyal Sons’ a triumvirate of mind-bending questions: Here we go!

  1. 1.  Word on the street is that there is a new playoff system in college football aptly named ‘The College Football Playoff’ … Did they finally get it right?
  2. HLS: “This question makes me want to channel my inner Jim Mora. If by “word on the street” you mean and the recent (June 21) USA Today piece on the four-team playoff, then no, they didn’t get it right. To me, that you would scrap the BCS system in favor of a playoff that you limit to four teams but commit to for twelve years is crazy. The flaw in the BCS is that you have can often have a legit contender on the outside, looking in. Here, creating a four-team playoff does little to eliminate that problem. They didn’t need to go full March Madness and create a 64-team bracket, although that would be incredibly great, but they should have set up a six- or eight-team playoff. Or, do the four-team thing for two years as you create a larger format. There’s a lot that goes into it, e.g. the athletes’ class schedules, so they’d be well-served taking a cautious approach as they work with the stakeholders, but I view the four-team, 12-year template as unnecessarily conservative.”
  3. 2. There are some big holes to fill on offense this season and I’m not talking about physical size. The top spot on the depth chart is lost in at least five positions on the offensive side of the ball. Do you think that Coach Martin and Coach Kelly will change their offensive system or continue the same style due to a veteran QB in Tommy Rees?
  4. HLS: “I don’t think they’re going to change anything, but Tommy does limit the plays they’re going to call in that Tommy simply doesn’t have the mobility Golson brought to the offense. Opposing defenses had to contend with Golson’s feet AND arm. Personally, I think our running game is going to be fine or better given George Atkinson III and the stable of highly-talented unknowns we have back there. Our receivers are going to be better, too, and I think Tommy has the arm to get them the ball. I’m terrified, though, that Tommy isn’t buried and that he may come back to haunt us the second Tommy looks for Tyler and remembers he’s not there anymore. While I remember Stanford in 1990 and BC in 1993 all too well, and UConn and Syracuse too, I’m glad we’re opening against Temple at home. Tommy should enjoy, and our new O-line should benefit from, a full-speed Blue-Gold game to get ready for the rest of the season. Basically, Tommy has the opportunity, if not the potential, to go from Mariano Rivera in 2012 to C.J. Wilson in 2013.”
  5. 3. There has been too much talk about who is not beginning their college career at Notre Dame rather than who is. Who is your freshman to watch? Who is your most likely to ‘wow’ us? And who is the most likely to redshirt and then play an integral part in his second year on campus?
  6. HLS: “Max Redfield. Greg Bryant. Torii Hunter, Jr. In Redfield, we have a five-star talent where we have a real need. I think losing Golson forces us to use Bryant early and often. Torii Hunter, Jr. is my default pick. We can redshirt a lot of future stars, but with our TE and O-line issues, I think Torii is the safest pick for saving a year.”

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