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Media Musings – Five Things I Am Still Wondering…

Aug 2, 2013, 12:51 PM EDT

I sat in on head coach Brian Kelly’s press conference earlier this afternoon and I am still wondering what the answers are to the following five questions… kind of… 

  1. 1. What about Shamrock Series jerseys?
    Will we see new Shamrock Series jerseys this year or will we just go with our traditional blue home kits? This is a question I wish someone would have asked today… (albeit I already know the answer)
  2. 2. Do you expect Louis Nix to play more quarterback this season?
    When Louis Nix receives the snap from the center he has always scored a touchdown, so why not do it more? It works 100% of the time! So someone should have asked this question and because they didn’t I am shunning the Notre Dame football beat staff for at least a week… (We know he will play the WildChocolate position when coach Kelly wants to run the option)
  3. 3. Will Notre Dame finally bring home the Ray Guy Award?
    I know this is a pressing issue for Coach Kelly as I’m sure he has had sleepless nights knowing that he hasn’t had a player ever win the Ray Guy Award for best punter in the nation. Will this be the year? Can Brindza do it? (My guess is no, but that is just because he will not qualify for any NCAA statistical category due to only having 13 attempts on the year)
  4. 4. Is Notre Dame Stadium going to have FieldTurf?
    Notre Dame Stadium has grass now and will for this season to my best knowledge. But don’t you want to hear coach Kelly say that or do the opposite and explain that FieldTurf will be put in and a huge leprechaun will be placed at midfield? Yeah, me neither. (Except wouldn’t it be cool to have the field colored the shade of Notre Dame’s colors? Like green?… nevermind…)
  5. 5. Bon Jovi’s kid is here, should we expect North West to be here in 18 years?
    Notre Dame’s roster has always had a few players with famous last names, but usually they make their own name for themselves as their career at Notre Dame progresses. Who is the next star-studded pupil to make their way onto the Irish roster? (I’m pulling for anyone that has a dad that I grew up admiring…)

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