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Irish Blogger Gathering – Oklahoma Edition (Her Loyal Sons)

Sep 25, 2013, 10:30 AM EDT

During the football season, a group of six Notre Dame bloggers join forces to ask one another questions and see who can come up with the best and most clever responses. The group of six includes Her Loyal Sons, Inside the Irish, Subway Domer, UHNDND Nation and NDSportsBlogger (the guy writing this).

Oklahoma comes to town for the first time since 1999…

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For this edition I had the opportunity to ask @IrishElvis of Her Loyal Sons three questions: And we’re off!

  1. 1. Some have said that the offense took a few steps back against Michigan State last weekend. But there were some bright spots. What were you most happy with on the offensive side of the ball against the Spartans?
    HLS: Zero turnovers. Depending on who you ask, twenty incompletions had the same effect on the fanbase as fumbles and interceptions, but protecting the ball keeps the offense in rhythm and doesn’t expose our defense in a short field. We’re far enough into the season to know that we can depend on Rees and his stable of running backs to be careful with the football the vast majority of the time. I’m sure some will quibble about partially blocked punts and turnovers-on-downs, but in tight ballgames a single turnover can be the difference. It certainly was last Saturday, with Farley & McDaniel making Dantonio pay for his trick play INT.
  3. 3. The Oklahoma-Notre Dame game will be a tough, physical game. Give me your three Irish players to watch during this game and why.
    HLS: Amir Carlisle. In the dog house last week due to the late Purdue fumble. He’s the best pass protector, which is why we saw 3rd-and-empty so often against MSU. His return gives more play calling flexibility (both run and pass) in pass-friendly downs. 
  4. The many-headed LB corps of Grace-Fox-Councell-Smith. Our defensive line has been getting a more consistent push, and the secondary notched an INT. The linebackers need to take a step up in quality in order to pull the upset.
  5. Take me back to simpler times in your life and tell me what your best Notre Dame football memory you remember that you were physically there to see (provide your story as to why).
    HLS: I’m contractually obligated to say “1999 Oklahoma” here, aren’t I? Roll YouTube clip!
  6.  Actually, let’s jump in the Wayback Machine and go back a bit further — 1989 SC. I’ve been to more than my fair share, but tip o’ the cap to a top-10 matchup in Notre Dame Stadium on an autumn Saturday. Rockstar freshman QB in Todd Marinovich (how’d that turn out?) vs the best defense of my lifetime before last year. 

    There’s no HLS Twitter Recap available (cell service in the Stadium was even worse back then), but all those turnovers and lead changes had my father shouting, “HASHTAG NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL IS DETERMINED TO KILL ME” at various points, as well as a number of other words that were new to my young vocabulary. 

  1. clearwall - Sep 26, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    Wow, Mike Leach at OU in 99…” FIVE VERTS MFer!!!”

    Also, I laugh at some of the officiating in both these games and how the rules have changed so much since even in ’99.
    *Opening KO against OU, sooners only have 3 players on the left side of the kicker. Today,that is an illegal formation and a 5 yd penalty

    *SC commits a block below the waist at 5:05 of the video. This was added this year, once the ball leaves the tackle box, no one can BBW back towards their own goalline and must block head-up on the defender.

    *Tony Rice’s GW td, you can clearly see the SJ signalling TD about a yard before Rice reaches the GL

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