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Dealing With Losses – Kory Minor (’99)

Oct 2, 2013, 9:12 AM EDT

Former Notre Dame football linebacker Kory Minor (@KMine4) normally uses this section to recap the previous week’s defensive play, instead he looks at how difficult it is to rebound from a loss. Minor, a four-year member of the football squad, went on to the NFL for a few years and is currently traveling the country speaking at colleges, universities and corporations on leadership and the concept of winning. Minor’s first book, “Make a Touchdown of Your Life” was just released a week ago. You can order the book and keep up with Minor’s speaking at 

A very somber mood indeed across the ND nation as our boys lost the battle against Oklahoma this past weekend.

Personally, I have been there. When you lose, Sunday morning is pretty tough to get out of bed, let alone eat. You pretty much stay in your room because you don’t want to see anyone on campus who has anything remotely to say about the loss. If you truly desire food then you go get a “grab and go” so you can eat in solitude.

Then Monday rolls around and you dread the team meeting because today is the day you watch film and on this day it’s a safe bet that every player will be screamed at at least once and it’s not fun.

What makes it so disheartening is that you studied OU all week long and devised a unique game plan; what was lacking was the execution. It is never fun to lose but when you have a talented football team, such as the Irish, and things continually seem to fall-by-the-wayside, what do you do?

As a team it is time to come together!

No sports writer in America has anything good to say about you today. The old Tupac verse, “me against the world” seems to fit appropriately right about now.

At this very moment, there is no better time to come together, to unify, to unite. Don’t start finger pointing and using the blame game, you know that game, that’s when athletes start to blame each and every person around them for their poor performance. Each player needs to look in the mirror and ask this very question: “what more can I do?” Notre Dame currently sits at 3-2 with the rest of their season in front of them. It is not time to call in the calvary yet, however, EVERY player has to become accountable for his own actions from here on out.

If anyone thought that this season would have no adversity then they were clearly mistaken. Sports is all about adversity and how you respond will show the true character and makeup of the team. Now is the the time to dig deep and play for one another. It’s about pride and want – having the pride to go out each week and lay it on the line and having the want to keep fighting no matter how grim things may look or appear.

Until next time, good luck & go Irish

  1. 1972domer - Oct 6, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    Korey great point. So shouldn’t the players even in defeat come together with the student body to sing the alma mater? The new policy would suggest that after losses we shouldn’t wear our ND garb. Singing is a show of pride as is wearing our ND stuff even in defeat.

    David “72

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