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Josh Returns For This Week’s Irish Blogger Gathering

Oct 10, 2013, 12:10 AM EDT

During the football season, a group of six Notre Dame bloggers join forces to ask one another questions and see who can come up with the best and most clever responses. The group of six includes Her Loyal Sons, Inside the IrishUHNDND Nation and NDSportsBlogger (the guy writing this).

Being an off week, we decided to do something special. The blogger formerly known as @NDSportsBlogger, Josh Flynt, returned to ask some questions and answer Her Loyal Sons’ questions. Many of these blogs are being released at random times throughout the week…

Here are the links to the other ‘gatherings’ that took place around the interweb:
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For this edition Josh had the opportunity to ask Keith Arnold of NBC Sports three questions: Enjoy…

  1. 1. While enjoying Saturday’s game from the stands, I tweeted that TJ Jones might be one of the most underrated receivers ND has ever had. Over the last couple years, it seems like TJ has been the guy making every big catch or coming up with an important play when the Irish offense needs it most. Agree? Disagree? Is there anyone on the current Irish defense that you think is particularly undervalued? 
  2. KA: I think Jones is one of those “Hall of Very Good” candidates that could have enough skills to end up being a productive NFL player. When you look over his body of work, he certainly doesn’t compare to a guy like Michael Floyd, Golden Tate, or Jeff Samardzija. But he does start sliding in there with guys like Rhema McKnight and Maurice Stovall. Jones’s legacy will likely be determined by how well he plays down the stretch this season. If he’s able to put together a senior season like Stovall, who exploded for 1,149 yards and 11 TDs after being a complementary piece of the offense during his first three seasons, then he’ll climb that ladder. The skeptic would say Jones has played early and often because the Irish had literally zero receiver depth behind Floyd the past few years. But if he’s able to make plays in the return game, work from every receiver spot and be a threat as both a deep man and screen guy, maybe you’re on to something. 
  4. 2. It’s been 12 seasons since the Irish defeated that school from Los Angeles at home. Will 2013 be the year that drought is finally snapped? How do you see next week’s game playing out?
  5. KA: It should be the week the drought is snapped. It’ll be interesting to watch the Ed Orgeron era start against Arizona on Thursday night and even more interesting to see if the Trojan defense can rally against Rich Rodriguez’s team, an offense that carved up the Trojans last season, too. USC has some problems on the offensive side of the ball and I can think of about 1,000 examples of a college football team going into a tailspin after the head coach is fired and about one or two where the team rallies around the interim guy. It’s hard to overstate how excited USC fans were to fire Kiffin. This guy had literally zero supporters by the time Haden dropped the hammer. So maybe the team will finally come together. 

    Personnel wise, USC has plenty of top-shelf talent. But the depth chart is mighty thin and the quarterback position is pretty shaky right now. If the Irish want to be taken seriously and get on a roll during October, they’ve got to look good against the Trojans.

  7. 3. In honor of recently retired blogger The Subway Domer… a) sum up the first half of the 2013 season and b) give your outlook for the second half…in haiku form (two separate ones).
  8. KA: First Half Haiku:
  9. While Reesus Fell Twice

    To Wolverines and Sooners

    Subway Domer quit


    Second Half 

    O and D improve

    Run the table ’til Stanford

    BCS or Bust

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