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Wayback Wednesday – “Moose’s Desk”

Apr 30, 2014, 2:30 PM EDT


This feature revolves around the @NDSportsBlogger taking time away from his desk to go find an interesting artifact around the University of Notre Dame Athletic Department (or in this case, a random desk), enjoy…

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In this edition of “Wayback Wednesday” I received an assist from associate athletics director Beth Hunter. Recently, Beth moved into a new office (one of the best in the entire Department I might add) with a solid wood desk that makes the person sitting behind it look like royalty. Sorry, I digress. The whole point in letting you know about the desk is that Beth would always joke about how it could have been “Moose’s (Krause) desk.” This is where the story gets interesting.

As I mentioned, Beth recently moved into her new “luxurious” digs within the athletic department. After settling in, they began a little renovation on her office, which, when finished, will allow Beth a more efficient and useable space.

Lost in all this is the “Moose Desk.” Next week, the desk will no longer be housed in Beth’s office, so she had to clean it out.

What did Beth find in the drawer?

A 1975-1976 Notre Dame football pocket schedule.




Who was Notre Dame’s athletic director that year?

None other than Moose Krause.

Could Beth’s desk have once been Moose’s? We may never know.

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